EPTA is a new, fresh and dynamic reality in the world of design industry with clients in Europe, US and Asia able to manage projects of Product, Concept and  Advance Design.


Product design


The projects of Product Design are aimed at objects of daily use.
The customer, functionality, ergonomics and technology involved are the starting points.
Wherein are projects whose aesthetic design should consist of a few, but strong, characteristic signs.
The most important value is the volume and proportions 

Concept design


There is no sharp line between product design and concept design.
The concept design projects generally aim to produce small numbers and often require to be developed in a very short time.
Based on a technological innovation , functionalor material, EPTA is able to implement these ideas with a dress that exalts those innovations.

Advance design


The Advance Design project highlight the ability of EPTA to speak to the entertainment world and present to then projects for the field of science fiction movies, video games or toys. 
The industrial design techniques meet the concept artist creativity to present robot or vehicles with a design evolved, and a spectacular visual effect

EPTA is born from the effort and experience of Memola Luigi, Chief Design and Concept Designer. Italy.


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